Beat Death Grip and Reverse P-Induced ED (PIED)

Q: I am worried that I masturbate too much?

A: Here are some physical and psychosexual symptoms that may indicate you have a habit that is affecting your life negatively.

1. You hurt yourself. It could be a mild skin chafing, a condition called reduced pinile sensitivity (RPS), or so-called death grip syndrome (DGS), caused by using too much pressure while stroking it. Desensitization from overstimulation is enough to cause erectile dysfunction (ED-PIED).

2. You feel guilty, and your intimate life, family, work, and social life suffers. Of all the types of acting out, with or without adult content, is maybe the most secretive and isolating.

3. You find it challenging to release. Basically, you teach your brain and body to get off only using a specific type of visual and physical stimuli. You experience problems getting it up or finishing with a real-life partner.

4. You try to cut back but fail. One of the primary criteria of any type of out-of-control and compulsive behavior (called also addiction) is the loss of control.

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